Cyberoam UTM and NGFW appliances, available as hardware and virtual security platforms, offer next-generation security to SOHO, SMBs and Enterprise.


Combining GTB's AccuMatch TM Detection with its e-Discovery & Data Classification provides:

  • Discover, Identify, Locate, Classify & Inventory - your critical data and its locations
  • See & Control your Data - from who is accessing it, where it's being sent, copied or transmitted.

Discover, Inventory, Classify, Encrypt &/ Enforce with Real-Time Data Protection Content & Context Aware. Detect & Respond to the Kill Chain.

Scans all Out & Inbound Transmissions on any protocol and detects secure content with nearly 100% accuracy. Support Multi-Terra bytes of data & hundreds of millions of Database records without Network Degradation!

Able to encrypt, quarantine, log and even block to prevent data extrusion/leakage by accident or by Targeted Cyber Attacks (Malware, virus, etc)

  • OPSWAT Certified
  • Content & Context Aware Device Control
  • Control Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), Social Media, Email and Applications such as SKYPE, Dropbox & more!
  • Detect & Respond to the Kill Chain.
  • Recognizes and optionally blocks output of secure content to Removable Media & Virtualized Devices
  • Automatically encrypts and shadows. Supports online and offline policies.
  • OPSWAT Certified
  • Discover, Inventory, Classify & Encrypt with Content & Context Awareness precision
  • Discovers data anywhere Remote, Local or on the enterprise network and performs data classification & encryption for secure content.
  • Accurately monitor and report violations any time a file is saved and/or blocked from saving.


  • Cloud Information Protection (CIP)
  • Organizations can now have full control of the data types that are allowed to move to & from the cloud while blocking data that is prohibited.
  • Control Salesforce,, Chatter, Box, Dropbox, Office 365, Gmail, Apps, Databases, AWS, you name it - we cover it.... with one service!
  • Detect & Respond to the Kill Chain.
  • Add this much needed differentiator to your services

Lifesize Infrastructure is everything you need to add high performance video conferencing to your organization. Meeting room video systems and mobile devices are integrated with powerful applications—including click-to-call one-on-one and group video calling, streaming and recording,firewall traversal and management—so that users can enjoy a connected experience wherever they are and never worry about the technology.

Only Lifesize provides an award-winning room
video system with best-in-class mobile apps
combined with a cloud video service so that
everyone gets a connected experience from the
meeting room to the office and on the go.

The Lifesize Series offers the simplest and most
intuitive video calling solutions on the the market.
Lifesize Icon systems are as easy to operate as a
smartphone with the added bonus of face-to-face
interaction, which propels productivity and stronger
connected relationships.

How CimTrak Monitors Your IT Environment For Changes
The Building Blocks of a Secure System

CimTrak consists of three integrated software components - CimTrak Management Console, CimTrak Agent and the CimTrak Master Repository. Each component operates as an autonomous unit, yet work in tandem to provide superior protection of your critical IT assets.

Monitor Workstations/Desktops for Changes

Monitoring workstations and desktops can be desired for a number of reasons including compliance with PCI-DSS. As part of the comprehensive CimTrak product line, CimTrak for Workstations/Desktops ensures the integrity, security and compliance of these machines.

Monitor Your Critical VMware ESX and ESXi Server Configurations With CimTrak

Awareness of VMware ESX server configuration changes is vital in maintaining a stable, secure virtual machine host. Monitoring the integrity of these configurations ensures that the hosted systems remain available for supporting day-to-day business operations. Because VMware ESX hypervisors generally run many virtual machines, unexpected or malicious changes can quickly cripple an organization’s IT infrastructure.

CimTrak Protects Point Of Sale (POS) Systems To Ensure PCI Compliance And Prevent Data Breaches

Securing point of sale (POS) systems is an important element of ensuring that your customer's valauble payment card information (PCI) is not compromised. CimTrak covers your point of sale (POS) systems as part of a comprehensive strategy to protect your PCI environment.

CimTrak for Active Directory/LDAP monitors your directory services for deviations to objects, attributes, and schema. Large environments can suffer from alterations that fly under the radar. Unexpected changes may be limited to a single entity, such as an addition of a new account, or can have broader impact, such as a denial of service, due to the inherent hierarchical design. CimTrak provides the awareness needed to quickly detect and alert when such deviations occur.

Monitoring for changes to critical database components is critical to ensuring the integrity of your data. CimTrak for Databases reports on all changes to critical database components and instantly alerts you to these changes. By quickly detecting changes, you can take swift investigative action to determine if a change was malicious or even accidental.

Even the smallest alteration to a firewall, router or switch can have tremendous impact on your business. CimTrak for Network Devices protects against unauthorized and destructive changes to your network infrastructure to avoid costly downtime and ensure maximum availability of vital network resources.

You cannot afford system outages and bottlenecks that affect productivity and business continuity. As a critical component to your company's multi-layered security approach, CimTrak for Servers detects changes to vital computer server elements, including operating system files, directories, data files, file attributes, Windows Registry, and more. CimTrak works on both physical and virtual servers such as VMWare as well as Cloud-based systems such as Amzon EC2.

On average, password reset requests make up 10 – 30% of all help desk calls, with each request costing from $51 to $147 in labour costs[1]. [1] Password Reset: self-service That You Will Love (Gartner Research Note T-15-6454). With Passworks® you can reduce the number of password reset calls by as much as 73%. Quickly address the age old problem of lost productivity by giving users secure access to resetting their passwords, reducing the amount of help desk resources required.

Always on PCs cost UK plc.'s over $300 million a year. A survey found that 30% of PCs are left on overnight wasting organisations at least $17 per computer each year. source: With challenging times driving cost saving initiatives that need to have an ROI in months not years and at the same time trying to address the challenges presented with the Green IT Agenda, PC Power Management Solution Powerstudio® helps organisations to achieve these objectives simply and efficiently.

Certero SAM Services forms the foundation of a solution that helps manage usage of one of your most strategic assets - software. Our industry and solution experts hold ITIL and vendor accreditations in Software Asset Management (SAM) and licensing with a combined experience in excess of 70 years of SAM covering both the public and private sectors working with some of the world's biggest household names. Through subject matter expertise and proven methodologies we can help you manage and evaluate current or potential strategies to achieve your business objectives.

Every year companies incur major costs on unnecessary software purchases and according to Gartner software vendor audits are increasing with 65% of organisations receiving one audit in the last 12 months*. AssetStudio® simplifies the management of software assets to free organisations from any compliance risks and put you back in the driving seat. *Gartner: The software vendors that are auditing and what to do about it